What Lipstick Color Should I Choose?

By / November 25, 2015

When it comes to makeup, every color doesn’t work for every person. With the huge range of brands, colors, and textures, finding the lip color that’s made for your skin tone is not quite as simple, unfortunately. The right color choices will both complement your complexion and brighten your smile. While scanning the rows and… Read more

Things You Didn’t Know You Were Damaging Your Hair

By / May 9, 2015

Our hair is essentially dead. Once it has come out of your head, there is nothing you can do to improve the structure of the hair itself. Hair is made of a form of protein that grows from the roots. So, the oldest part of your hair will be the part at the ends- furthest… Read more

The Most Basic Beauty Tips for Shiny, Healthy Hair

By / June 2, 2013

We all want that lovely shine we see on hair product commercials, shiny hair signals that your strands are healthy. We all want to have healthy hair; but unfortunately, shiny, healthy hair doesn't just happen without a little bit of effort. Our hair consists of an outer hydrophobic lipid epicuticle, a layer of flattened overlapping… Read more

Preventing the Harmful Effects of Sun Damage

By / August 19, 2012

You may have been taught that you need sunlight for your body to make vitamin D, because vitamin D is not found naturally in most foods. But, there is a dark side to the sun. Experts have identified ultraviolet radiation (UVR) both from the sun and from tanning machines as a known cause of skin… Read more

Natural Makeup Tips for a Flawless Face

By / January 23, 2012

Many women want their makeup to look natural. Every morning we need to get up ready in a hurry, want to look natural and pretty. In school, girls like to wear makeup for many reasons. It could be to feel more confident, it could be to attract boys, or it could be just for the… Read more

How to Keep Oily Skin Under Control

By / November 18, 2011

Our skin contains oil glands, called sebaceous glands that secrete oil (sebum) onto the skin’s surface. They are microscopic glands that lubricate the skin and hair and are found in greatest abundance on the face and scalp. This has a protective role so its presence is important. However, too much sebaceous gland oil production leads… Read more

Find The Right Foundation Shade For Your Skin Tone

By / January 9, 2011

Choosing the right foundation is essential to a flawless face. A foundation evens out your entire skin tone hiding any flaws, blemishes, scars, acne or just plain dullness. But using the wrong foundation can make bad skin look even worse. One of the toughest cosmetic conundrums can be choosing the perfect foundation. There are loads… Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Dying Your Hair

By / May 11, 2010

Changing our hair color is one of the easiest and quickest ways to instantly change your appearance. Our hair color is a result of the presence or absence of melanin in the cortex of the hair. Melanin in our hair comes in two forms. Eumelanin, is the one responsible for creating black and brown shades… Read more

A Guide to Makeup Brushes

By / April 12, 2009

Brushes are the key tool for flawless make up application. Makeup is best applied to the face with the help of brushes, you can acquire them one at a time to suit your cosmetic needs, or you can buy them already completely in a bag or box. Makeup brush design varies across brands and according… Read more

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